How The Keto Fit Diet Works

Melt Away Those Unwanted Pounds

Many of you might be familiar with the words Ketogenic, Keto, or Ketosis. They usually come before the word diet but not many people full understand exactly what those words actually mean. Well I am here to give you a simple explanation and a full understanding of why the Keto Fit Diet works so well. We have completely altered our diet over the course of hundreds of years, so much so that it can actually be quite unhealthy. We are processing our foods at an alarming rate and our bodies are just not meant to digest and break down these substances. Years ago, there was no processed wheat, refined sugars or msg to be concerned with. Now days, it’s hard to find food that doesn’t contain these unhealthy ingredients. Our bodies were designed to wake up, hunt or gather a meal. The next step is preparing our meal and then finally a feast. Somewhere along the lines things have been completely altered and now our bodies are adapting and evolving, and not in a good way. The Keto Fit Diet is designed to give your body the nutrition that it needs and replace the processed junk your body has been taught by major food companies to crave.

Basic Ketosis Mechanics On The Keto Fit Diet

There are many different diet programs out there that can help you accomplish different goals. The main goal of the Keto Fit Diet is to rapidly shed the excess fat storage by switching the body’s primary fuel source. The main goal is to put the body into a state of “ketosis” by cutting off the sources of glycogen so it is forced to burn stored fat for energy. Our bodies have become accustomed to using carbs and sugars for energy because they are the easiest to burn. This is why we crave them more than other foods. When we consume carbs or sugars, our liver converts them into glycogen. When there is an excess of glycogen, our body converts that excess into fatty tissue as a spare reserve. We are all familiar with the “spare reserve” we have around the hips and belly. Well the reserve is there for when our bodies need it but unfortunately with today’s modern age, we don’t need these reserves like we once did to sustain us through the day while hunting or gathering.

Keto Fit Diet Energy Levels

Glucose is not the body’s preferred source of energy. Think of it like a fuel for your car. Glucose is cheap, quick and easy burning like a low octane fuel at the pump. It burns dirty and leaves residue. Your car performs best on high octane fuel and your body does the same. Carbs are not an efficient means of energy and are not clean burning. There is a dense nutritional value in your stored fat that is much more powerful than glucose. The goal of the Keto Fit Diet is to switch your fuel source from glucose to your stored free form fatty acids. You do this by eliminating the easy and cheap means of fuel forcing your body to burn your stored fat which is what your body is designed to do. Whatever fuel you give your body is the fuel it will use for energy. If you give it carbs it will use carbs, if you give it fats, it will use fats. It only takes 4 calories to burn a gram of carbs whereas it takes 9 calories to burn a gram of fat. If your body has the ability to burn carbs or fats it will choose carbs every time. Excessive carbs may just be the reason why so many people are overweight these days. Not eating too much fat.

Why The Keto Fit Diet Actually Works

Do you remember the last time you tried a new diet? I do, and I remember that I was constantly hungry. As soon as I woke up, a battle with cravings would begin and last until I went to sleep. This was caused from basically starving myself throughout the day. I was never satisfied with the things I was eating on these diets. Think about it, rich, fatty foods are what satisfies the cravings. Over-indulging can be unhealthy but you find yourself fuller for much longer with energy to boot. When we eat a carb based meal we get a burst of energy but find ourselves falling flat early on. Have you ever noticed that after a large carb-based meal you find yourself tired and hungry or wanting a snack within an hour or two after? The Keto Fit Diet is designed to eliminate negative fuels and give your body the fuels it needs to run efficiently on. You will find yourself full all day, a steady and controlled amount of energy that lasts, and the “impossible to lose” pounds starting to burn right off. It’s not a fad diet, simple science and nutrition is how the Keto Fit Diet works.

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